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Charlottesville Horse Farm

Here are the most beautiful Charlottesville VA horse farms and properties anywhere. These equestrian ranches and properties are the most sought after areas in Virginia. These are perfect homes for horses. Horse farms throughout Central Virginia, Albemarle County, Keswick, and Charlottesville. You’ll find top horse properties in these great communities.

Charlottesville horse farms and real estate are wonderful rural settings in one of the most adored places in Virginia for all outdoor, equestrian enthusiasts, horse lovers and history buffs alike. Charlottesville VA Horse Farms also remain at the top of the list for desirable locations for horse and outdoors enthusiasts. With activities such as hunting, horse shows, polo and even jousting, every horse related event can be found here in Charlottesville and Keswick, nestled in the heart of horse country.



Top 4 Wineries near Homes For Sale in Charlottesville VA

Wine tours are great options for enjoying a weekend near homes for sale in Charlottesville VA. There are various vineyards in the area that have attracted not only locals but visitors from different places. Each vineyard is different in terms of their facilities and the wines that you can enjoy. Here are some of the top places where you can spend a day of tasting and appreciating the art of winemaking:

Visit these top 4 wineries near homes for sale in Charlottesville VA

Blenheim Vineyards

This vineyard has a tasting room and a wine production facility located near Monticello Mountain. John Carter, once the Secretary of the Colony of Virginia and his son Edward worked together to build the first Blenheim House before 1799. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged due to a fire in the late 1800s. Finally, towards the end of the 18th century continuing on to the beginning of the 19th century it was restored and brought back to life. The Blenheim Vineyards have a wonderful variety of wines to choose from. Both their BlenHeim Farm Chardonnay and Viogier wines are aged in French, Hungarian and American oak. A must try in their selection would be the Roussane which starts out with a white peach taste followed by the perfect combination of wet stone, tangerine and chamomile.

Trump Winery

This winery is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains across the street from Blenheim near Charlottesville VA homes. This would be a perfect destination to unwind after a morning filled with outdoor activities. The property which was planted in 1999 and opened in 2011, stretches up to an unbelievable size of 1,300 acres. Trump Winery has sparkling vineyards for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier wines. Their white vineyards are for Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Viognier. Lastly, their red vineyards are for their Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.

22 Brix

Located near properties for sale in Central Virginia, this tasting room and shop’s name is inspired by the brix number or the percentage of sugar needed to read grapes for their Pinot Noir upon fermenting. 22 Brix is located in the middle of downtown Charlottesville and offers well known wines coming from Ankida Ridge Vineyards, which is also known as the “Little Burgundy” and other wines such as the “Rockgarden. They are also proud of their Chardonnay, a combination of pear and apple mixed with lemongrass and vanilla bean.

Jefferson Vineyards

On September 2, 1773 Filippo Mazzei brought European vines to Virginia which established the foundation of Jefferson Vineyards. In 1939 Shirley and Stanley Woodward Sr. became the owners of the estate. Their spectacular selection offers dry white wines including Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. If you’re looking for dry red wines, they have Cabernet and Vin Rouge. There are semi-dry white wines available as well as library wines including Merlot Reserve ’08 and Estate Reserve ’07.

The wine industry in Charlottesville is continuously thriving. There are over 20 wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail for your exploration and tasting pleasure.

For more interesting information, you can visit www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com.

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Top Features You’ll Find in Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale

Many have been captivated by the beauty of Charlottesville VA homes for sale. It’s like love at first sight just by seeing the facade of these splendid country properties. In addition to that first impression you’ll have of these amazing homes, you’ll also find features that will make you understand why these homes are among the best.

Discover more options and features of Charlottesville homes

Mountain views

Who wouldn’t love to have the luxury of beautiful mountain views from the comfort of their homes? Properties for sale in Central Virginia are well known for having the best mountain views anybody will surely enjoy. Just imagine vast scenery of greens, trees and mountains paired with a cool breeze perfect for relaxing.

Privacy and abundant space

These homes are also never short on space. Each home offers bedrooms and bathrooms that would definitely suit your taste. Master bedrooms come with plenty of space to personalize and master bathrooms that make a perfect combination. Families would love spending time together in the living room as well. Preparing daily meals can turn into an enjoyable hobby with top of the line kitchen features such as granite counters, cherry wood cabinets and quality appliances. With the abundance of space inside and out, you know these houses will grant your need for privacy. The options and potentials are almost endless with the space and room available to you in these wonderful homes.

Stables and stalls ready for horses

The equestrian lifestyle is within reach with these homes as most of them offer stables and stalls ready to house horses. These stables and stalls offer sufficient space and include fans and floodlights for your convenience as well. These homes feature the ideal living spaces that provide not only space, views and privacy, but also the capability of living a different and exciting kind of lifestyle.


To match the perfect mountain views and the equestrian lifestyle, farms are also among some of the most loved Charlottesville VA properties. Discover how you can grow your own organic vegetables as well as tending to farm animals with these beautifully and well-maintained farms. The climate is also suitable for grapes and you may enjoy having your own vineyard.

Fenced pasture

Feel even more secure and private with the fenced pastures that many of these properties also have to offer. You’ll have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy activities that include landscaping and gardening. There’s also plenty of pasture area good for horses and cattle accompanying the stables and stalls that most of these homes also include.

Other features you’ll love

If you’re looking for more features that will make the perfect home and horse farm, there are many options to choose from including pools, automatic waterers and sheds which can be utilized in various ways. Garage spaces are also available. Other homes may have mature landscaping in their yard. You’ll also be delighted by interior details such as hardwood flooring and magnificent fireplaces. As for exterior details, you will find terraces, decks, screened porches and fire-pits.

There is definitely something for everybody in Charlottesville. Discover more options and features by visiting www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com today.

Call me today, Pam Dent at (434) 960-0161. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected] I can assure you the best quality service. I have the professional and expert knowledge of Charlottesville real estate and the local housing market that will guide you through the wonderful journey of finding your dream home.

Museums to Visit this Spring near Homes for sale in Charlottesville VA

Any day is a good day to visit museums around homes for sale in Charlottesville VA. Spring is inviting everyone to enjoy the art scene with the upcoming exhibits at various local museums. Various organizations and artists have organized meaningful exhibits showcasing art with a purpose.

Museums and exhibits to see near Charlottesville VA homes

Art and Country

For a limited time, locals and guests can visit the Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum and participate in reflecting about one’s “connection with land” through the Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia. John W. Kluge established the collection in 1997 and began it in 1988 after being inspired by the Dreamings exhibit in New York. The collection focuses on Australian Aboriginal Art, featuring 34 works on canvas, paper and eucalyptus bark. The collection also aims to exhibit works that are focused on the connection between each work’s creator and his or her homeland.

Because of Them We Can

This is a photo campaign initiated by Eunique Jones Gibson. The campaign began in 2013 featuring photographs of children portraying icons who have served as tremendous inspirations to society. “Because of Them We Can” purposefully coincides with the Black History month towards further emphasis on the artist’s goal of disapproving stereotypes and the value of remembering that every person is great too. Later on they were able to establish themselves as a non-profit media company that is on a mission. They are spreading the word and making it possible for the new generation to realize their own potentials by reminding them of modern day heroes who have made significant changes in society. This exhibit can be viewed at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center near Charlottesville VA homes.

Courtroom Sketches of Ida Libby Dengrove

Have you seen John Lennon, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, John Gotti or Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno in the courtroom? Visit the Arthur J. Morris Law Library, one of the notable libraries around properties for sale in Central Virginia, to see for yourself Ida Libby Dengrove’s works. From 1972 to 1987 Ida Libby Dengrove’s worked as a courtroom illustrator for NBC-TV in New York. Since cameras were not allowed in the courtroom back then, her works served as the bridge between the public and what happened inside the most striking trials of the twentieth century. She was able to capture on paper the faces of infamous offenders as well as the atmosphere evident during significant moments in these trials. Her weapon of choice included a 14 by 17 sketch pad and chalk pastels and charcoal pencils. The way she captured courtroom drama was almost incomparable to photographs. One of her most notable works was Craig Crimmins “Murder at the Met” which later earned her an Emmy.

There are more museums and exhibits to see in town. Visit www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com today to find out more information.

Call me today, Pam Dent at (434) 960-0161. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected] You can put your trust in my professional and expert knowledge on Charlottesville real estate and the local housing market. I guarantee the best service you need in finding your dream home.

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Homes for Sale in Charlottesville VA

Winter is gone and spring has arrived at homes for sale in Charlottesville VA. It’s the perfect season to welcome new beginnings and one way to accomplish this is to have another round of spring cleaning. Some people are probably dreading this time of the year but finding the best way to approach the task just might change the way they see spring cleaning. There’s always something you can learn and appreciate from getting that yearly spring cleaning done.

Spring cleaning Ideas for your Charlottesville VA home | Pam Dent, Charlottesville Realtor

Getting started

It all starts with a solid purpose. Spring cleaning is not an easy task and this is why the rewards are great. There’s nothing like the smell of a household fresh from unloading boxes and boxes of unnecessary and unused items. A house can grow even bigger with all the new space spring cleaning can bring. It would be much more exciting to fill up those emptied spaces again for the entire year. Whether it’s to make more space, find missing things, prepare for both spring and summer or maybe just to unburden the house of unnecessary things, there’s always a meaningful goal that can be achieved at the end of your yearly spring cleaning session.


Once you have set your goals, it’s time to construct your plan. No purpose is as good as its plan if you can’t plan well ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to waste time and effort so take your time and plan ahead to make the most out of your spring cleaning. Make a step by step checklist to keep you on track. You can keep yourself motivated through the process as well with each check mark you make on that list.

Gathering the needed materials

Properties for sale in Central Virginia have had their yearly share of spring cleaning. Everything you’ll need for spring cleaning is within reach of the area. Boxes and labeling materials are fun to work with. Put your organizing skills to work and find pleasure in de-cluttering.

Staying motivated

Halfway through the heavily crowded closet and dusty shoe rack, you just might feel the need to give up and let things fall into place as the year passes by. Why not take a break? Who said spring cleaning could and should be done in one straight session? Take your time and rejoice in the small victories along the way. Congratulate yourself for putting aside your winter items. After filling up all those boxes of unused clothes, give yourself a nice cold drink while resting. As you go back into the cleaning process, don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re spring cleaning not only in preparation for the following seasons but also to give you and your home new space to breathe and move in. You might be surprised how spring cleaning will make you feel better.

Reward yourself

It’s never too early to treat yourself to a nice brunch. Once you’ve succeeded in another round of spring cleaning, go ahead and reward yourself. Charlottesville VA homes feature the best places to grab brunch. Al fresco dining is among the top favorites of locals this time of the year and can be enjoyed best after accomplishing a great task such as spring cleaning.

Find more inspiration in Charlottesville, Virginia by visiting www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com today. You’ll be surprised that not only spring is best spent here but the entire year as well.

Call me today, Pam Dent at (434) 960-0161. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected]. I can assure you of the best quality service. I have the professional and expert knowledge on Charlottesville real estate and the local housing market that will guide you through the wonderful journey of finding your dream home.

4 Great Reasons For Making Charlottesville VA Your New Home

Charlottesville, Virginia is known not only for the lush and beautiful country scenery that bountifully surrounds the area but also for the many elements in the community that support the best of country style living. Anyone from those who seek a peaceful and serene place to grow their families to those who seek the thrill and glamour of equestrian living has something in store for them in this part of Central Virginia. Continue reading and you’ll discover the top reasons why you should consider buying one of the many beautiful country homes for sale in Charlottesville and experience the best of country style living in this community.

These are the 4 great reasons for making Charlottesville VA your new home

It has everything you need

Charlottesville is also a complete community that brings people closer to their needs. It is home to one of the best universities in the country—the University of Virginia. This institution is known for being able to produce graduates who greatly excel in the fields of health and medicine, law and business. There are also nearby and accessible hospitals for the members of the community such as the University of Virginia Hospital as well as the Martha Jefferson Hospital.

A lot of activities for everyone

Charlottesville provides a variety of activities for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike. There are places to tour and visit such as wineries and walking trails. There is also a wide selection of dining places within the community as well. In fact, Charlottesville has been recognized as having one of the highest number of restaurants per capita of any city in the country.  Charlottesville also fosters a great environment for the performing arts. Various events are held within the city featuring various local performing arts groups.

It is a united community

The locals are also able to gather as a community in participating in community events such as civic engagement events organized by Charlottesville Tomorrow, a local non-profit organization that brings much needed relevant information to the community. Through events like these, the community is actively involved in contributing to the overall growth and development of Charlottesville.

Homes for the equestrian lifestyle

Charlottesville VA horse farms for sale are perfect for those who dream of the equestrian lifestyle. Nothing beats the breathtaking scenic views surrounding these properties. Best of all, many of these properties are horse ready—equipped with all the space and infrastructure needed for the proper care and maintenance of horses.

Whether you are looking to give your family the best of country living or seeking the freedom and excitement of the equestrian lifestyle, Charlottesville is certainly a place you would want to call your home. More information about Charlottesville country homes and other horse properties for sale in Central Virginia can be found in my website,  www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com.

Call me, Pam Dent today at (434) 960-0161. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected]. Through my professional and expert knowledge about Charlottesville real estate, the local market and the horse business, I can provide you with best quality service and help you find your dream home.

3 Things to Do Before Acquiring a Charlottesville Horse Farm

Charlottesville is home to many accomplished equestrians and private horse enthusiasts. If you love the beautiful and lush countryside of Central Virginia and have a passion for taking care of horses, then getting a Charlottesville horse farm is perfect for you.

Here are some things to consider before you buy:

3 Things to Do Before Acquiring a Charlottesville Horse Farm by Pam Dent, Real Estate Agent in Charlottesville VA

Inspect the House

There are a many equestrian properties that are considered historic homes. They are as rich and beautiful as the country scenery that surrounds them, however, they may have a considerable amount of age. The good news is that a lot of them are well maintained and have even been updated by their owners.

If you are not happy with the condition of the house, talk to your Realtor about it. Tell them your concerns and look into the possibility to negotiate for a better price. The level of comfort in your home should match the splendor and beauty of the outdoors and the excitement of equestrian living.

Confirm the Acreage

Tax maps are unreliable most of the time; and many horse farms for sale in Charlottesville may span thousands of acres of land. With this, you should make yourself aware of and consider settling any encroachments, easement disputes and adverse possession that may arise before placing an offer on the property. A new home can mean a new start for you and your family and the last thing you want is to get caught in an unwanted dispute left by the previous owner.

Determine the Real Value

Before closing the deal, determine the real value of farm buildings, barns, timber, equipment, fixtures, roads, services, fence, outdoor and indoor riding arenas, air conditioning, riding trails, flooring, lighting, tack rooms, pastures, exercise equipment, cattle guards, etc.

Living amidst the beautiful country backdraft of Central Virginia and having the freedom everyday to feel the rush of fresh country air while on horseback is rewarding in itself, but getting the most value for your money in purchasing your property is equally as important. Hiring a well-experience local real estate agent is the best way to get this done. Please feel free to visit my website, www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com, to know how I can you help you live the perfect country lifestyle in the home of your dreams.

If you need help in buying or selling your home, call me, Pam Dent at 434-960-0161. I have the local knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to help you find your dream home or to sell your property in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Choosing the Right Type of Equestrian Boots for
Horseback Riding

If you are getting ready to buy a Charlottesville horse farm, you might need to buy a pair or two of equestrian boots that are perfect for horseback riding. Equestrians in Charlottesville are abundant. Many people ride their horses in different terrains and for different purposes. These people need the appropriate footwear for the type of riding they are going to do.

Choosing the Right Type of Equestrian Boots for Horseback Riding by Pam Dent | Charlottesville Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Here is a list of equestrian boots to satisfy the needs of horseback riders:

English Tall Boots

These boots are perfect for people who ride to hunt, for basic horsemanship and for jumpers. They are best worn with breeches. They cover the lower leg up to the knee.

Dress Boots

The only difference between field and dress boots are laces. The former have laces and are used for showing and hunting. Boot hooks are needed for pull-on type of field or dress style boots. They are designed to assist wearers when sliding them on. The zip-up type, has a zipper that is located at the back of the boots and do not need boot hooks to assist with getting them on.

Paddock Boots

Paddock boots were first worn by English riders but are now being used in Western riding. Even endurance riders use this type of boots for trail riding. There are different types that you can buy. Some even look like athletic shoes. They are available in zip-up and lace-up styles. They cover the area above the ankle. They are also relatively cheaper compared to tall boots. However, you need to buy half chaps when you opt for paddock boots.

Shadowfax, The Barracks and North Garden Equestrian Center are good places to go, especially if you want to learn the basics of horseback riding. They also have yearly competitions for those people who want to show off their horses and compete. You can put these equestrian centers as part of your itinerary while looking for horse farms for sale in Charlottesville.

Selecting and using the right type of equestrian boots is an essential part of horseback riding. For more information on equestrian properties for sale in Charlottesville VA, check out  my website at www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com.

If you need help in buying or selling your Charlottesville horse farm, call me, Pam Dent at 434-960-0161. I have the local knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to help you find your dream home or to sell your property in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Choosing the right features for horse stalls in your Charlottesville horse farm.

Horses are majestic, powerful and beautiful but, admittedly, they require a certain level of maintenance—this begins with having the right shelter for your horses in your Charlottesville horse farm. Choosing a horse stall with the right features is an important aspect in caring for your horses. The horse stalls should be in an environment where it can be easily accessed and maintained.

Choosing the Right Features for Horse Stalls in your Charlottesville Horse Farm | Pam Dent - Charlottesville Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Finding the perfect horse stall can be a challenge. Read how to select the right horse stall when visiting horse farms for sale in Charlottesville.

Selecting Horse Stalls

The barn that you are looking for should have enough room to accommodate all your horses. You are going to need one stall for each horse. The barn should be kept at temperatures that are comfortable for the horses, usually between 45 °F to 65 °F.

The average size for a stall is 12 ft. by 12 ft. There are also other sizes such as 24 ft. by 24 ft. and 10 ft. by 10 ft., depending on the size of the horse. The larger the horse, the bigger the space it will need.  Some stalls may have a moveable partition between them so that they can be enlarged to turn into a foaling stall.

The make and materials used in constructing the horse stalls should also be taken into consideration. If the horses that will be put in the stalls are for competition, they are usually strong and active. These horses can move around with force which means that the the materials that the stall is made of should be stronger. It is best to have solid walls 4 ft. down to prevent hooves from being caught and to withstand damage from kicking.

Materials that can be used to make the stalls are steel (galvanized and painted), mesh and aluminium. They make up the parts to keep the horses inside the stalls and the bars. The size and the strength of the stalls can be enough to contain the horse.  Wooden stalls are often reinforced with oak boards.

Selecting Accessories for Horse Stalls

A horse stall mat should be available as it is an important accessory. It is made of rubber or neoprene. It is used to provide comfort to the horse while making it easier to clean the stall. The amount of bedding can be reduced which means you can save money in the process.

Other accessories include feed buckets which can be put at a comfortable height for eating and good waterer which can maintain good drinking temperature when insulated.

For more information on what type of horse farms to pick for your lifestyle, look at www.JumpIntoGreenerPastures.com

If you need help in buying or selling your Charlottesville horse farm, call me, Pam Dent at 434-960-0161. I have the local knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to help you find your dream home or to sell your property in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Do pasture horses need grain?

When looking for Charlottesville horse farms, one must look at the horse’s necessity. Horses naturally eat grass. Grain was only created by man to make the horses heavy and to provide energy. Horses were used to pulling caravans and did not have the luxury of time to graze. Feed bags were invented during this time to supplement the food of horses.

Do Pasture Horses Need Grain?  | Pam Dent | Charlottesville Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Here are several ways to know if a horse should be given grain:

  1. Activity

Horses are created to survive on grass alone. Giving them grain is a decision that can be greatly influenced by the activity of the horse on a daily basis and amount and quality of pasture that is available. If a horse is reserved for  competition, it would be best to calculate the level of activity that the horse will be required to perform. 

  1. Age

Young horses that are just babies under the age of five is best to be given grain so that they can reach their full potential. They grow fast and their body needs the energy from food.

  1. Breed

The breed of the horse also needs to be considered. There are certain breeds that need a small amount of food. On the other hand, horses such as Thoroughbreds might need more grain to develop into a strong and healthy animal.

Monitoring your horse’s condition is part of being a responsible owner. Horses that are used for breeding and horse shows can be weighed constantly. They might become an aggressive eater and can result in obesity. If that happens, you can stop giving grain to the horse and put it in a dry lot.

If you decide to give grain to a pasture horse, the amount of food should be closely monitored. If it is not done, they might suffer from laminitis. A condition where heat travels to the horse’s feet. It is a painful and often permanent condition.  It is also important to remember that horses need hay or grass for roughage and should not be fed just grain.

Giving grains to horses can be an important deciding factor when you look at Charlottesville horse farms for sale. It can help you win in the annual Keswick horse show. To give you more information, check out www.jumpintogreenerpastures.com.

If you need help in buying or selling Charlottesville horse farms, call me, Pam Dent at 434 960-0161. As a native of Charlottesville VA who is both an expert in horses and equestrian properties, I have the knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to market your Charlottesville horse farms for sale.

5 Types of fences for your Charlottesville horse farms.

The safety of your horse farm must always be a major priority as a horse owner. That is why when looking for Charlottesville horse farms for sale, you must first educate yourself on what to expect when it comes to fences. The type of fences used in horse farms can greatly contribute to safety, as well as to attractiveness and functionality of the property. Although every kind has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the 5 types of fences below are the most commonly used by equine property owners everywhere.

5 Types of Fences for Your Charlottesville Horse Farms

  1. Wood

The first and the most common type of fence in Charlottesville is the wooden fence. You can even see these types of fences in high end properties. Wood is the way to go install if you want something strong and appealing. Horse farm owners usually install 3 or 4 board fencing painted either white or black.

But this requires a lot of maintenance because wood can be damaged by horses’ chewing and by the changes in the weather. It is not that expensive to put up but rather expensive to keep. As for paint, the white paint fades sooner so it requires more frequent painting.

  1. Woven Wire with a Wood Board on Top

This is the next type of fence most commonly installed in this area. It is sturdy and attractive at the same time. When you choose this type of fencing, bear in mind that it is important that the wire is composed of a small enough type of mesh so that a horse cannot put a foot through. This is crucial because it could lead to injury or the horse pulling off a shoe.

  1. Electric or Hot Wire

Most people use this for temporary fences in their horse farms for sale in Charlottesville. It is really cheap and can be installed without any difficulty. It is also effective in keeping horses off. The downside of it though is that it is not very visible nor visually pleasing. That is why most horse farm owners use this temporarily or use it together with other types of fences, like PVC or wood. In some horse farms, you may see an electric wire run along the top board of a wooden fence as it is effective in keeping the horses from chewing on it.

  1. Wire

Depending on the type that your will use, wire mesh can be your best option for inexpensive fence. It won’t hurt horses that much when they run into it. The bad news is that visibility is not that good so owners of Charlottesville horse farms often use wood top rail, pvc or tape so horses can easily see it.

  1. PVC or Vinyl

The good thing about vinyl or PVC fence is that it comes in different colors and can easily draw the attention of onlookers. Moreover, it is not difficult to maintain as it requires no paint and horses don’t chew on them. It adds to the overall appeal and hence to the value of your farm.

However, when you think of the cost, vinyl might easily break your budget as it is very expensive. To add to this, it is not strong enough to hold horses. Unless you use electric fencing together with it, the plastic can easily break when horses push on it.

These kinds of details matter a lot in a horse farm. So next time you check out www.jumpintogreenerpastures.com to find your perfect Charlottesville horse farm for sale, do not forget to pay attention to the fences. Remember that more than to just mark the scope of your property, it would play a vital role in its safety and aesthetics.

I can help you find the perfect Charlottesville horse farms with all the details you wish. Just call me, Pam Dent at 434 960-0161. As a native of Charlottesville VA who is both an expert in horses and equestrian properties, I have the knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to market your Charlottesville horse farms for sale or help you find your dream property.